The future of work is rapidly increasing the pace of change in business. Our aim is to help CXOs, HR, Facilities and technology folks understand the trends shaping the future of work and provide insights to help them transform their workplace so that they can keep up with changing needs of the business. To do this, we provide articles, videos, podcasts and other content from industry experts and leaders who have successfully undertaken this transformation.

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Future of Work by Cisco Webex is a community for discussing the trends shaping how we work and drive business forward now and in the future. What do you think about the Future of Work? We welcome your contributions and would love to hear from you.

Content Requirements

  • Content topics should focus on trends shaping the future of work and how they relate to enabling different workstyles, designing innovative workspaces and implementing integrated workflows.
  • Content should be on topics that matter to CXOs, collaboration IT managers, HR, Facilities and line of business folks.
  • Content can be in the form of blog, whitepaper, infographic, podcast or video.
  • Content must be product and vendor neutral. No product pitches.
  • Any data or statistic should be cited.
  • All content must be exclusive to Future of Work, it can’t run elsewhere.

To submit an abstract or article, please send your content in Microsoft Word to [email protected]. It must include following:

  1. Title of article
  2. Name & title of contributor
  3. 1 paragraph synopsis of the article
  4. Article at least 500 words
  5. Name the article using this format: ArticleTitle_AuthorName