Cisco’s point of view on Future of Work

Cisco’s point of view on Future of Work

Trends that are transforming the workplace – and a blueprint for action.

Blueprint for the Future of Work

Future of Work is top of mind for all organizations. 84% of senior IT and business leaders surveyed said that they were actively investing in the future of work initiatives.
The workplace is rapidly changing, driven by an evolving workforce and the changing nature of work. Today’s workforce is quad-generational, composed of individuals with different values, motivations, and workstyles. Work is becoming more unstructured, and agility is key. Employees increasingly demand flexibility in how, when, and where they work. At the same time, customer expectations are growing, and technology is accelerating the pace of business.

To keep pace with all these changes, you need to transform your workplace. The businesses that are not focusing on the future of work risk falling behind and becoming irrelevant, especially in today’s environment. This is true for companies of all sizes, everywhere in the world.

Why Invest in the Future of Work Initiatives?
Future of Work is about transforming….

  • Workstyles create a work environment for the quad-generational workforce with different workstyles to co-exist and be better engaged
  • Workspaces, by merging physical and virtual work environments to adapt to various work styles, enabling innovation and speed
  • Workflows, by enabling seamless collaboration across experiences and business processes.

Using a cognitive, secure, and insights-driven collaboration platform that fosters human relationships enhances customer interactions and builds high-performance teams across boundaries to make smarter, faster decisions.
Successful initiatives around the future of work improve employee engagement and productivity, helps to win the war for talent, elevates customer experience, and optimizes real estate and drive sustainability. Learn more insights at Cisco’s Future of Work website.

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