Dr. Adam Fraser on nurturing the right mindset for workplace transformation

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New technologies, disruptive business models and the rise of AI are all challenging the traditional idea of the workplace. But what does this mean for the mental health of your organization? Is radical change and transformation incompatible with happiness, fulfillment and psychological safety at work? How do you create a culture more tolerant of failure and experimentation? 

To better understand the challenges of transforming for the future of work, Mike Walsh spoke with Dr Adam Fraser, a human performance researcher who studies organizational culture. Dr Fraser, in conjunction with John Molineaux from Deakin University in Australia analyzed over 800 professionals who worked in highly complex environments that were experiencing large amounts of change. 

The research showed that people who were evolving and innovating in these environments had one distinguishing characteristic, whenever they were in the midst of struggle, they saw it as a challenge and focused on the growth that will come from it. Discussing his new book, “Strive: Embracing the gift of struggle”, they explore the impact of automation on the future of jobs, how leaders should prepare their teams for new patterns of work, and why it is only when we struggle that we discover our true sense of purpose. 


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