Education Now: Three Education Institutions, Three Extraordinary Outcomes

Education Now: Three Education Institutions, Three Extraordinary Outcomes

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Education is changing. The future is being paved by the models we explore today: hybrid classrooms, distance learning, micro-credentialing, and much more. Around the world, universities, colleges, and schools partner with Cisco to address the evolving landscape, face down challenges like the global COVID-19 pandemic, and pave the way for even more innovative education models for tomorrow. Join us to explore three stories from around the world of how innovative problem solvers are building the future of education with Webex.

Focusing on Learning and Life at University Lübeck

What would your digital transformation look like in an ideal world? Is there ever a perfect time to transform?

It goes without saying that no one could have predicted the events of this year, nor their impact on education. COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation plans years in the making and forcing education institutions to rapidly pivot to distance learning. 

“Video has the power to connect people in a way that more traditional means of communication can’t. And Webex also opened up the opportunity for our students to work together in online spaces. It was exactly what we were looking for.”

Paul Freiberg, IT Specialist at University Lübeck

A university that three years ago had never held a digital class, Lübeck scaled Webex in a matter of weeks to serve more than 2,600 students this spring. Now, the future looks digital.

Learn how Webex enables University Lübeck to focus on life and learning here.

Innovating Student Outcomes at Curtin University

Remote communities to serve. Innovations to finance. Global pressure to heighten student and educator experiences on a budget. Curtin University faced challenges that many of us across the globe are facing today in an uncertain environment where distance and hybrid learning are the norm, innovation is expected, and budgets are ever-shrinking. 

Curtin’s goal: become a global leader in digital education.

The method: integrate Cisco technologies to enhance campus experiences, expand reach across virtual and physical locations, and innovate to drive relevant and immersive student engagement and outcomes.

The technology that connected it all: Cisco Webex.

See how Curtin University uses digital technology to inspire innovation here.

Building New Opportunities with Connected North

Until recently, many of us had never experienced the feeling of being physically disconnected from the rest of the world. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought this home for the many people separated from friends, family, colleagues, and society.

Connected North was designed to provide services and experiences to remote communities in Canada. Using Webex, the program connects classrooms to mentors, mental health and wellness sessions, sports events and experiences, museums, literacy and math support, Native language instruction, teacher training, and more.

The Connected North philosophy? Highlight the unique relationship with each community they serve – their past, culture, and rich heritage – and infuse and customize each session with a foundation that honors their ways of knowing and learning.

“We should try anything that will make the classroom more engaging. Anything that makes the classroom more fun and that encourages kids to come to school is worth trying.”

Mary Simon, Former Leader of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

Nowhere is the power of distance learning and video to bring people together, inspire, build connections, and open a world of opportunity more clearly shown than through Connected North. Discover how Connected North uses Webex to open a world of opportunity here.

Creating the Future of Education with Cisco

Around the world, schools, colleges, and universities are innovating, transforming, and connecting their students, administrators, educators, and parents with Webex technology. With institutions like University Lübeck, Curtin University, and Connected North, we are building the bridge between education now and education next.

Discover Cisco’s education solutions today.


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