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Future of Education: Hybrid Classrooms

The world of education is rapidly changing, and current events have only accelerated this pace. To help navigate new hybrid and distance learning experiences, hear from industry experts and customers on how to create a secure hybrid learning experience and where the future of education is heading.


10:00AM PT

Where is the future of education heading?

Lance Ford

Education Advocate,

We are moving from physical learning, to distance learning, and now transforming into a hybrid learning environment where a small number of students will be in the classroom and others remote. Listen how technology is helping us shape the future of education.

10:20AM PT

Customer Story: Georgia State University

Phil Ventimiglia

Chief Innovation Officer,
Georgia State University

Hear from Georgia State University on how they leveraged technology to provide continuity in education while creating inclusive learning opportunities, envision helping education scale to address new business models and the future of education.

10:40AM PT

Customer Story: Curtin University

David Gibson

Data Science in Higher Education Learning & Teaching

Hear from Curtin University how they have transformed education experiences with collaboration solutions and where they see the future of education heading.

11:00AM PT

Customer Story: Oak Meadow School

Jay Scheurle

Head of school,
Oak Meadow School

Find out how Oak Meadow School is planning on using Cisco Webex Rooms devices to provide hybrid learning experiences to its students.

11:20AM PT

How to create a secure hybrid classroom experience with Cisco Webex

Lance Ford

Education Advocate,

Devinder Kathuria

Collaboration Product Manager,

Chris Bottger

America’s Webex Experience Manager,

Learn how to provide secure hybrid learning experience to students with Cisco Webex, no matter where they are located. Cisco Webex will unveil and demo new features and capabilities for educators to support hybrid and distance learning.

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