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Future of Work: Intelligent Workplace

Listen in on an insightful discussion around how data is driving the evolution of workplace and how Cisco Webex can help you create an intelligent workplace for your safe return to office.


10:00AM PT

Global Workforce Trends: The Rise of the Hybrid Workplace

David Gehringer

Research Principal
Dimensional Research

How do people feel about remote work and returning to the office? How are businesses approaching the next phase and what does it mean for collaboration? Join us for a session with David Gehringer from Dimensional Research to review the data from a new global study.

10:20AM PT

Are You Ready for the Intelligent Workplace? How Data is Driving the Evolution of the Office

James McHale

Memoori Research

Richard Bayes

Product Manager
Webex Rooms

Sal Rosato

Global Real Estate Cognitive and Digital Transformation Team

Globalization, demographic changes, labor flexibility, technology, environmental factors, and other current trends are driving a radical shift in how we work and live. People’s expectations about their workplace has changed. Data is now driving the evolution of the workplace. What will the new normal look like?

11:00AM PT

The Blueprint for the Hybrid Workplace

Sandeep Mehra

VP/GM, Webex Rooms

Work is what we do, not where we go. Discover the hybrid workplace, a new people-centric approach to work that supports a blend of in-office and remote workers. Learn how this new paradigm augments workplace with technology, creating an environment where employees everywhere have meaningful interactions that drive lasting value for your business.

11:20AM PT

The Intelligent Workplace Experience

Arnaud Caigniet

Product Manager
Webex Rooms

Richard Bayes

Product Manager
Webex Rooms

Finn Helge Lunde

Director, Head of strategic development
Webex Rooms

Join us to see how Cisco Webex is transforming the way you operate, respond to change and reimagine working together. Learn how Cisco Webex is using automation, AI, sensors, and analytics help to remove friction throughout the day, provide intelligent alerts and drive changes that will keep workers safe and productive.

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