How to build a culture of distributed work

How to build a culture of distributed work

What started with a performance review problem, turned into a dialog about what was really needed; a forward thinking continuous coaching conversation that provides feedback at the organizational level. It was this realization that led Didier Elzinga, CEO & Founder, to found Culture Amp, a leading People & Culture Platform.

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In this podcast, Mike Walsh and Didier Elzinga discuss the importance of that feedback around engagement and how to build a culture for a distributed workforce, especially after a rapid shift to remote work.

With the quick move to work from home, communication has become increasingly important and listening is key. Listening turns into data and companies are using that to understand the experience they are creating for their people. Specifically, now it is important for leaders to be aware of the impact the current situation is having on people.

Additionally, leaders need to understand how remote work is changing the dynamics of the workplace and requiring people to be much more intentional about their culture and trust. When everyone is working from home, it’s important to build social trust and leadership will need to take on a greater role to create, or recreate, a sense of community and bond in a distributed workforce environment.

To get a better pulse on their organization, companies must look at the human aspect and learn to be data informed, not data driven. Companies that use data will be better positioned to deliver on culture now and in the long-term. When we go back to the office employees will ask, and react to, what did my company reveal about their culture during a crisis.


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