Hybrid Work with IBM

Hybrid Work with IBM

A customer discussion

Sometimes, people will work in the office. Sometimes, they’ll work from home. Sometimes, somewhere in the middle. That’s hybrid work. It’s about enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to work wherever they need to.

Location is not the only consideration though. During our “Hybrid Work. Made Real” Webex special event, Cisco’s SVP & GM of Security and Collaboration Jeetu Patel asked IBM’s CIO Kathryn Guarini about the nuances involved with the shift to hybrid work. While she underlines the importance of enabling collaboration regardless of location, the conversation went far beyond the boundaries of latitude and longitude.

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Kathryn expounds on the critical importance of culture across hybrid work environments and hybrid workforces. “Culture is all about how the work gets done,” said Kathryn. “Are we creating an environment that is enabling a high-performance culture along with engagement? To do that, we focus on safety first. And we make sure everyone has the environment, technology, processes, and support needed.”

Kathryn went on to explain that in order to ensure their people get what they need to not just get their work done, but also love what they’re doing and how they’re able to do it with anyone and everyone, they’ve been required to get creative with how they develop and nurture optimal enterprise-wide culture.

Technology. That’s played an essential role for Kathryn and IBM in enabling them to get creative and make the seamless move into virtual work. Not just virtual work. Technology has been essential for their hybrid work as well.

Hear Kathryn’s complete conversation with Jeetu in addition to powerful insights from Thrive Global and McLaren Racing leaders. Watch the full “Hybrid Work. Made Real” Webex special event.

After you watch the event video, visit to learn more about the one app for everything, and everyone to support your future of hybrid work.

As Jeetu stated, the future of work is definitely hybrid. Are you ready for the future, now?


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