Rise of the Huddle Space

Rise of the Huddle Space

An international survey of 1000+ users, IT professionals, and facilities managers

According to the research, huddle spaces deliver tremendous value to businesses, with 9 out of 10 participants stating that the adoption of open space environments increases the need for these huddle spaces. They require a wide variety of technologies to enable users and the business, such as audio and video conferencing abilities, digital whiteboards, and scheduling solutions. Users stated that ease of use, solution reliability, and similar technology in each huddle space is key to their productivity. But nearly 8 out of 10 users shared they were frustrated with meeting room technology recently. These problems generate support calls to IT on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Technology professionals agree with users, stating that using the same technology in each meeting space would remove many of their top challenges today and would be faster to deploy and easier to manage.

Yet today, barely 1 in 10 technology professionals have full visibility into huddle space utilization. With the growing need for huddle spaces, companies need to consider solutions that are easy to use, easy to manage, and similar across all huddles spaces to accelerate deployments, increase user productivity and minimize costs.

Key findings

  • Growing Need for Huddle Spaces – 93% state open office environments require more huddle spaces
  • Huddle Spaces Require the Right Technologies – 65% indicate half or more of huddle spaces need video conferencing abilities – 61% report half or more of huddle spaces need a digital whiteboard – 83% reveal most huddle space meetings are scheduled – 90% state technology in huddle spaces must be easy to use and familiar
  • Failing to Meet User Needs – 78% have been frustrated with meeting technology in the last six months – Only 11% of IT pros have full visibility into huddle space utilization


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