The art and science successful remote teams

The art and science successful remote teams

When Zapier started out, they were only a side project working out of an incubator in California. As they began to grow, they realized the best people for their team, the people they wanted to hire, weren’t in the same location. They took a leap of faith, hiring a distributed workforce and as their company grew, they realized remote work could scale and work well for their teams.

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In this podcast, Wade Foster, CEO and co-founder of Zapier details this journey to Mike Walsh. Beginning with how remote work started as a happy accident and outlining the challenges they’ve had when you can’t manage by presence, Wade details how they redesigned how they manage their workforce from the ground up.

That’s where their data driven culture, one that defaults to action, meets the distributed workforce. They created a culture that encourages not only making decisions, but taught teams how to use data to solve problems and implemented a framework for making decisions.

So, what does Wade see as the future of work? He envisions using AI and data to help with decisions and respond/react in real-time. And, whether your workforce is distributed or onsite, he sees more automated workflows to drive decisions forward and empower your workforce to get stuff done.

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