The Future of Work Has Arrived

The Future of Work Has Arrived

A Webex Special Event

The world was abruptly thrust into largely remote work when the pandemic hit. But almost as quickly, we saw, through a new lens, just how much technology, especially meetings and collaboration technology, empowered individuals, teams, organizations, and businesses to stay connected. Not just sustaining business continuity, but actually achieving key enhancements to the way we work. Together.

Now, as we approach a higher degree of health and safety in relation to the pandemic, we’re learning that returning to the office is, in many cases, more of a choice than a concrete necessity. Hybrid work enables us to, not get back on the right path, but blaze a new course forward together. And while it’s been said the future of work is definitely hybrid, many would agree the future is already here. Growing numbers of organizations and businesses around the world are strategically electing to nurture hybrid work environments. Not because they have to. Because it works. Really well.

With hybrid work fast becoming the new reality, the “Hybrid Work. Made Real.” Webex special event spotlighted all we’re doing to meet and define this new era. Watch the full coverage of our special event to learn how Webex is here to support your strong future, today.

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It was a tall order to pack the future of work into 2 hours. But thanks to Cisco leaders and our world-class customers, we did it!

Watch the special event to hear direct from Cisco executive such as Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins; SVP & GM, Security and Collaboration Division Jeetu Patel; Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Webex Collaboration Aruna Ravichandran; as well as EVP and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer Francine Katsoudas. You’ll also be treated to unique perspectives and insights from special guests such as McLaren Racing’s CEO Zak Brown; Thrive Global’s Founder & CEO Arianna Huffington, and IBM’s CIO Kathryn Guarini.

The 2-hour event was loaded with Webex innovations and demos, major announcements, interviews, and more.

These are some highlights you can look forward to in the event video.

Face-to-face, no matter where the faces are

Chuck and Jeetu shared a personable face-to-face chat. The encounter was a fitting preview of what many of us will experience when returning to the office in this new hybrid work era.

Remote vs. hybrid

Fran took the stage in only her second in-person meeting with Jeetu, with Webex having kept them connected for their many other collaborations. She noted the greatest challenge of the past 18 months was not going remote but the lack of human connection. “Hybrid is driven by inclusion and connection, and the realization that empathy is a superpower,” Fran said. “Hybrid is thoughtful and deliberate.”

800 new capabilities

We have an opportunity to define hybrid work the way we want. A way that tears down walls, aligns with our inclusive culture, and helps humanize the enterprise. Webex has added over 800 capabilities since last September to tear down the walls that once divided our virtual and physical worlds.

What the future of work looks like

More than 70% of employees will exercise a flexible work pattern, and 98% of meetings will have at least one remote participant.

To be successful, solutions for hybrid work must be: 1) flexible, 2) inclusive, 3) supportive, 4) secure, and 5) managed.

The all-new Webex Suite and brand refresh

Jeetu had the honor of unveiling the event’s biggest announcement — Webex Suite — the industry’s first best-of-breed suite for hybrid work. The suite combines calling, messaging, meeting, polling, and events under a single license.

Jeetu also shared our refreshed Webex brand. It includes a new look and feel for the new era of inclusive hybrid work. The new “W” logo in the form of a rotating double helix symbolizes innovation and equal contribution to a common objective.

This is the way we work

We’ve all come so far. And now that we have more tools, in one place, this is truly a time to be excited for how far we’ll go – together.

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