The future of work is about people, not machines

The future of work is about people, not machines

We are at the dawn of a new AI-powered age, but it is critical to understand that the next big leap in productivity won’t just come from automation – it will depend on how effective we are in harnessing human capabilities to their fullest. 
Rather than simply eliminating jobs, automation changes them. The important question to ask yourself is not ‘when will my job disappear?’ but rather, ‘what is the new job inside my old one?’ You can safely assume that if something can be automated, it will be—if not by you, then almost certainly by one of your competitors. When we automate, we also have to elevate.  
As jobs transform, new skills and capabilities will be required – but that’s only part of the story. As I explore in this excerpt from one of my keynote presentations on the future of work, if we are fully committed to the goal of workplace transformation and engaging the next generation of talent, we have to focus on purpose as well.  

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