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On demand recordings from the 5 day marathon series with customers and industry experts


May 11, 9:00AM PT

The remote work revolution

Mike Walsh

Futurist & author of best selling book
“The Algorithmic Leader”

Listen and find out how the events of 2020 will change how we engage with customers, design our organizations and teams, and what it means to be an effective leader? Acknowledging where we are today, Mike reflects on past global events. and where the future of work is heading, and offers guidance for transitioning to the future of work.

May 11, 9:30AM PT

Transform your company into great place to work

Michael Bush

Great Place to Work

What makes a great place to work, especially during these times? Based on research conducted by Great Place to Work, CEO Michael Bush discusses the best practices, technology, and culture changes needed to transform our workplaces. From leadership, to trust, to understanding that “where” you work isn’t as important as “how,” he provides insights into what makes a great place to work for all.

May 11, 10:00AM PT

Best practices to securely connect, collaborate and get stuff done in this new reality

Cisco Webex

Leadership Team

Our world of work has changed. Almost overnight we have had to adapt our work behaviors and work from the comfort of our own homes. Join Lorrissa Horton, Omar Tawakol, and Sandeep Mehra to learn how organizations have been able to securely connect, collaborate, and get stuff done during in this new reality, and to accelerate their future of work initiatives.

May 12, 9:00AM PT

#Remote Work – The Future of Work is now

Aruna Ravichandran

Cisco Webex

Aruna will delve into remote work, our new normal. Technologies that allow knowledge workers to connect is the same technology that helps healthcare workers provide services to patients remotely, universities to provide online education, and major events to go virtual. Beyond the current pressures to keep business flowing, Aruna will also talk about how remote work is just one component of the Future of Work, and how we all need to think about this new normal becoming the status quo in the future.

May 12, 9:30AM PT

Empower your teams to thrive in the workplace of the future

Charlie Johnston

SVP, People & Communities

Covid-19 has changed our workplace culture and practices permanently. There is no defined edge to the workplace environment. As companies are adapting to the new norm, how is the HR team of today embracing this change? Charlie Johnston, SVP People & Communities at Cisco discusses how leaders can embrace, enable, and empower their teams to thrive in the workplace of the future.

May 13, 9:00AM PT

Company transformation story – Broadcom

Stanley Toh

Head of End-user Experience & Services

Stanley explains how, wanting to enable employees to be more productive and collaborate globally, Broadcom transformed their workplace across 59 countries. He lays out the criteria for transformation, the factors for success, the benefits and lessons learned. He also talks about how the move to the cloud set them up for a successful global shift to remote work.

May 13, 9:30AM PT

Company transformation story – Nvidia

John O’Brien

Vice President, Real Estate & Site Services

When undergoing workplace transformation, Nvidia looked for design that aligned with company values. The result was a combination of smartly designed flexible workspaces and innovative collaboration tools that allow them to communicate effectively across campuses, times zones and countries. It has allowed Nvidia to create nimble, agile teams focused on products and enabled workers to work from the space that suits their workstyle.

May 13, 10:00AM PT

Company transformation story – Under Armour

Karen Dean

Head of Collaboration Technologies
Under Armour

Under Armour stands for innovation, but with rapid growth, they found they lagged in keeping employees connected. To meet this challenge, they created a global collaboration initiative. Karen shares how they made the rapid shift to remote work and how they are planning to do virtual events.

May 13 10:30AM PT

Company transformation story – Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tony Romero

Supervising Producer
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Find out how Jimmy Kimmel Live made the transition from a live show to being produced with the majority of staff working from home. Having been Webex users for years, the current situation accelerated a more creative application of the tools and allowed the team to maintain real-time communication.

May 14, 9:00AM PT

Trends driving Contact Center of the future

Omar Tawakol

VP/GM - Contact Center

Zachary Taylor

Director, Contact Center & Analysts

Sheila McGee-Smith


Joining Zachary Taylor in this discussion on the challenges faced by contact centers in transitioning to the cloud is Omar Tawakol and two prominent analysts; Sheila McGee-Smith and Robin Gareiss. Hear their take on the current situation, and what’s needed in the next phase including the importance of data, AI, and the need for a business continuity plan.

May 14, 9:30AM PT

Best practices of a successful Contact Center

Vinod Muthukrishnan

Chief Growth Officer - Contact Center

Barbara Ferguson

Sr. PMM - Contact Center

Customer expectations, loyalty, AI and human touch will all be significant factors in the future of customer experiences, which is the topic of conversation between Barbara Ferguson and Vinod Muthukrishnan as they present 5 predictions of where the market is heading and how companies can successfully meet them.

May 14, 10:00AM PT

Delivering timely experiences – Cisco Contact Center vision

Zachary Taylor

Director - Contact Center

 As companies shift to transform the customer experience into a differentiator, Zachary Taylor explores the steps organizations are taking to empower remote contact center agents. In this presentation, he discusses transforming customer experiences by leveraging AI, experience management, and collaboration software to directly impact business outcomes. 

May 15, 9:00AM PT

Industry analyst panel

Dave Michels

Industry expert

Daniel Newman

Industry expert

Jim Lundy

Industry expert

Craig Durr

Industry expert

Listen in on a panel discussion with 4 collaboration industry analysts as they discuss remote work, how it has become the new normal, steps to keep business productive and positive in the current environment, and what the future of work holds.

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