How AR/VR is going to shape the future of work


Augmented and virtual reality was once considered a set of consumer gaming technologies. With the acceleration of remote work, this is changing. Companies search for new ways to make remote work more viable by giving remote employees a sense of presence during meetings and other collaborative efforts. AR superimposes computer-generated images and overlays information on a user’s real-world view. VR takes this a step further by creating an immersive virtual environment. Businesses are beginning to test AR/VR applications to improve productivity and provide new experiential learning experiences e.g. immersive training, faster improved design, collaboration without borders, field service through immersive instruction, making hands-free data access easier, and more. Today’s remote and digital workforce is deprived of human touch and are working in isolation. They need smart tools to help them to create an immersive office environment remotely.

Recently we conducted an insightful webinar with Facebook on how AR/VR is going to shape the future of work. We had Maria Fernandez Guajardo, Director Product Management, Facebook Reality Labs and Anurag Dhingra, VP/CTO, Cisco Webex join us for the discussion. We discussed about why this technology has not gained widespread adoption with the acceleration of remote work and how it will shape the future of work. Another important discussion we had was around how AR/VR might help in water cooler socialization and people connection with everyone working remotely. We concluded the conversation with some use cases around the technology in different verticals. 

Please check out the recording

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