Work Reimagined: The Future Of Collaboration & Hybrid Work, A CXO Outlook

Work Reimagined: The Future Of Collaboration & Hybrid Work, A CXO Outlook

Forbes and Webex by Cisco Webinar Series

It’s been quite a journey getting to this new way of working. For many individuals, teams, and organizations, the path to this point has essentially been about business continuity and getting back on solid ground.

We’ve all got significant work ahead of us to figure out the best way to work. But now that we have more solid footing, it’s actually a time to get excited about the potential innovations enabled by technology. It’s time to reimagine work—hybrid work.

Watch Episode 1 of Work Reimagined presented by Forbes and Webex by Cisco to explore how the future of work is inclusive and hybrid and what next-generation employee experiences look like.

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You’ll hear direct from top leaders:

  • Francine Katsoudas, Executive VP and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer, Cisco
  • Jeetu Patel, SVP and General Manager, Security & Collaboration, Cisco
  • Deborah Aldredge, Chief Administrative Officers, Farmers Insurance
  • Sergio Ezama, Chief Talent Officer and CHRO Global Functions & Groups, Pepsico
  • Peter High, Forbes Contributor & President, Metis Strategy

You’ll get expert, real-world insights on the future of collaboration and hybrid work from a CXO perspective, including these key event takeaways: 

  • The future of work is definitely hybrid. Nearly 80% said their 2022 workforce will be hybrid. People will exercise more choice and have greater flexibility. 
  • Equal opportunity for engagement, ensuring the best ideas win regardless of who the person is or where they are, is critical. 
  • Technology enables us to focus on the wellness and mental health of our people while achieving new levels of creativity and innovation together. 
  • Hybrid work enables organizations to access talent anywhere. 
  • Organizations need to improve spontaneous-communication capabilities across hybrid-work environments. 
  • Companies are realizing they’ve had a lot of waste in their systems (i.e. massive real estate and commuting to the office just for emails). 
  • Time spent in the office will become more important, serving 4 key roles – create, collaborate, celebrate, and connect. 

One of the biggest takeaways where the world-class event speakers were in full agreement? We’re tasked with working through live hypotheses. From proactive communication and polling to poring over the data, we need to figure out what works best to consistently produce the best work long into the future, together…equally.  

While the road to optimal hybrid work doesn’t necessarily have a finite destination, with tweaks and course corrections undoubtedly necessary along the way, it’s the journey that counts. Webex by Cisco is here to provide the platform, tools, and capabilities you need today, with the technology and support you need to boldly venture into tomorrow.

This is a time of unique opportunity. What we do now can shape the way we do business for years to come. The way we support our people has the potential to return virtually limitless benefits to help us weather future storms and stand strong as a united community around the world.

We’re proud to support your journey, whoever and wherever you are, and wherever you need to go.


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