Work Reimagined with Forbes and Cisco – Episode 2

Work Reimagined with Forbes and Cisco – Episode 2

It’s been quite a journey getting to where we all are now. The thing is, many of us are in different places. The rapid evolution of hybrid work has shown us the priceless value of being able to connect humans to humans, regardless of physical location. Sometimes, we need to work from home. Other times, in the office. And not uncommonly, somewhere in between.

The collective strength demonstrated by individuals, teams, and organizations around the world shows how much we can accomplish no matter what we’re up against. And technology, more than ever, has shown how critical it is to, not just business continuity, but achieving greater innovations than ever. Technology has enabled immense adaptations and evolutions in the way we work—together.

It’s all about how we work together. The support, inclusivity, wellbeing. We were forced to jump years ahead in the way operate on a daily basis. Now, it’s actually an exciting time to take some focus off daily living and start mapping out long-term visions for the way we work. It’s time to reimagine work.

Perhaps one of the most significant developments has been the advancement of hybrid workspaces and hybrid workforces. This new way of combined remote and on-site working has potential to make employees happier, healthier, and more productive, to the advantage of the organizations where they work. And yet hybrid work poses challenges: Can a company with a dispersed workforce maintain a strong culture? How to keep off-site workers motivated? What will be the function of the office?

In Episode 2 of Work Reimagined: The Future Of Collaboration & Hybrid Work, A CXO Outlook, Forbes and Cisco convened leading decision makers to dig deeper into the issues we covered during Episode 1.

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Watch Episode 2 to explore discussions on what new technologies will support the blended workforce, what will compel people to return to the office, and what strategies might best enable empathy and communication with colleagues who remain remote.

Hear from these leaders on what makes the future of hybrid work inclusive, healthy, and smart:

  • Lynn Schlesinger, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Forbes
  • Mike Defrino, CEO, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
  • Aruna Ravichandran, VP & CMO, Cisco Webex
  • Shari Slate, Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer & VP, Inclusive Future and Strategy, Cisco
  • Edward Wagoner, CIO, Digital, JLL Technologies

Key Quotes

The future will be video-first

“Technology has had a tremendous amount of innovation in the last year. Gone are the days when it was just about video conferencing technology. Everybody learned to basically join a video conversation in a hurry. So nobody’s going to go backward in time to where they’re going to join any kind of call through an audio meeting.”

Aruna Ravichandran, VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Cisco Webex

Tech will redefine what meetings are for

“Instead of setting up big town halls where it’s an hour and a half with a giant PowerPoint that gets shown, we’re doing half-hour little blip calls where there are check-ins, where we’re blasting one idea out rather than trying to go through the whole slate of what’s going on in the company today.”

Mike DeFrino, CEO, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Hybrid tech will foster inclusivity

“When you are using that collaboration technology, you then, from an inclusion standpoint, start to ask yourself, ‘Am I using this technology to engage who’s at the table in the way in which I need to engage them to create value?’”

Shari Slate, VP & Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer, Cisco Webex

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